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Cheap​ red wine

I like my grapes
red and fermented.
I don’t care for their names,
Not one for pompous games.
Cheap egoless wine
does me most of the time!

Who the fuck,
Can say one wine is better
Than another?!
Maybe the same fool
Who thinks he’s better
Than another?!

A grape is a grape,
No need to hate.
I like all red wine
And so should you.


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Like a pauper

Fight like a pauper
But be gracious as a King,
When you win.
Spend like a pauper
But give to others like a King.
Serve others like a pauper
They are Kings and Queens too.
Do family fun like the Dutch,
In a Jan Steen painting.
Work hard like a pauper
Harder than any King
Make love like a pauper
And treat her like your Queen

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