Pool Wars of Kings Cross

Hail your new Victorious King!
Coronated with higher rights,
You saw, your own sight.
I saw your eyes,
You can’t beat me,
Your eyes gave up,
You’re not even playing!
But still play me soon,
Don’t stop trying
Winning is my divine right,
In the game I’m good at.
Don’t trust the words,
Of a silent pool player.
Find someone to test me
And see for yourself.

To win is not enough,
Embarrassing you
And your mates,
Makes me feel great!
Send you all home,
With your little tails
Between your legs.
Go home, but remember me,
Be hurt if you feel the loss!

I witness the plight,
Desperation, frustration,
pained expressions
And fear
On opponent faces,
All gets digested
In my belly
That’s my fuel.
That’s why we’ll play again
And that’s why
I’ll win.


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