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Life and death

Such close neighbours
You don’t even know,
Here right now
Then someone’s gone
This town and the next,
Gone one-way mate,
Could be a kinda fate
Never know at this rate!

They are both polite
Both need me like
Whiskey needs me
To smile it’s spirited effect,
At your girl that smiles back fast,
She sees a Midlands man,
Who drank stout outta can,
One that walks into a night
Ready for potential fight
Whether it is wrong or right.

I never came to make it right,
My way is just my way
I do hope to stay another day
This mans now thirty-three
Mum didn’t make this young age
So how can I be free
Knowing the keys to my cage
Could be in that Momma’s hands
And no woman has such big hands
To hold a passage for my release.


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Should I stand?

Is she pregnant
Or is she fat?
Not enough info
To decide that

The preggo ones
Wear a badge
Here no such data
To analyse later

Bloating from lunch
Causing her hunch?
If I ask she may
Refuse and say

“I’m fine, you sit”
Then I will feel
Like a tit
For thinking her’s

Were be filling
In prep for crying
Clinging offsping
Getting a drink in

Hope she doesn’t
Now think she’s fat..
Thought train stopped
as the tube one did

New additions brings
A stenchy stiff whiff
from stinky Pete
Now on next seat

Takes decision from
Hands and head
To feet to retreat
Woman sits down

Next to Mr Smelly
Glance at me
Then rubs her belly
Very suggestively

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