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Hokey cokey storytellers

Time for a hokey cokey
sounds of words go in
then go out another ear
In, Out, In, Out,
these people are all about

They sniff a london powder
and chat some shit,
good thing that I’m aware!
Pupils now so big
tube trains could fit in
In, Out, In, Out,
Not even touch the sides

Roll another notey
to stop their down
and that’s what,
their life’s about.




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Pool Wars of Kings Cross

Hail your new Victorious King!
Coronated with higher rights,
You saw, your own sight.
I saw your eyes,
You can’t beat me,
Your eyes gave up,
You’re not even playing!
But still play me soon,
Don’t stop trying
Winning is my divine right,
In the game I’m good at.
Don’t trust the words,
Of a silent pool player.
Find someone to test me
And see for yourself.

To win is not enough,
Embarrassing you
And your mates,
Makes me feel great!
Send you all home,
With your little tails
Between your legs.
Go home, but remember me,
Be hurt if you feel the loss!

I witness the plight,
Desperation, frustration,
pained expressions
And fear
On opponent faces,
All gets digested
In my belly
That’s my fuel.
That’s why we’ll play again
And that’s why
I’ll win.

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Quit the gym

Not talking about me,
Talking about you boy.
This thing’s serious,
It’s not a toy.

Hurry up.
You need to move son,
Just here for resolutions.
Wandering about lost,
Looking at fix cable machines,
Giving all them a try,
Like when you go buffet,
You think all the foods nice,
That’s your friday night,
Get out of my sight.

On the bench I leave marks,
Some call it a benchmark.
I go gym when it’s light
And I leave when it’s dark.
I’m defined, got definition,
Like Mr Stark in his metal.

Don’t talk to me yoot.
Go use your discount 
And go catch a train.
More far from my range.
Cancel your membership
And go back to your ways.

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