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Man from another time

He’s from a different time,
Not better or worse,
Just different.
I don’t criticise, I cant,
His way is simpler.

The ways he operates;
Far from average,
Far from the mean.
His deviations are in
No way standard.

I’ve learnt the ways
Of his time.
They did things differently then,
I want to visit his time
Not just his home.

Smart minds
Do not need smart devices.
His knowledge is from
Inside covers.
No desire to be like others,
A true brother from another

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A voided moment

This nothingness is boring
nothing ever happens.
What to do next?
Who shall I text?

I do nothing but slide fingers
across touch screens,
Can’t remember when
I was last touched

Motivation has left
the smile went too.
Maybe they booked
a cheap holiday,
To escape my way.

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Quit the gym

Not talking about me,
Talking about you boy.
This thing’s serious,
It’s not a toy.

Hurry up.
You need to move son,
Just here for resolutions.
Wandering about lost,
Looking at fix cable machines,
Giving all them a try,
Like when you go buffet,
You think all the foods nice,
That’s your friday night,
Get out of my sight.

On the bench I leave marks,
Some call it a benchmark.
I go gym when it’s light
And I leave when it’s dark.
I’m defined, got definition,
Like Mr Stark in his metal.

Don’t talk to me yoot.
Go use your discount 
And go catch a train.
More far from my range.
Cancel your membership
And go back to your ways.

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