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Bull taming time

Tamed it already,
Took a few months
But I’ve calmed
a vicious beast.
It was going to destroy itself
I told him ‘that’s silly!’

The creature just had enough,
It was of no use to anyone,
It said!
Nonsense ofcourse!
This creature was beautiful,
Powerful beyond necessity.

I presented no threat,
I’m no matador, the bull
Just wanted a chat.
Knew he had a short fuse
But he knew I was there to help.

There was a sadness
Seeing such a majestic beast
Out of sorts.
Guess life can mess us all up.
It’s sorted now,
Out of anger came a friendship.
Still chat to the bull
Now and then.


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A Caged Tiger Released

A caged tiger has been released in my town,
I saw his eyes, big, fierce and round.
He looked back at me and growled,
Looking around observing the crowd,
Many ideas were in his excited eyes,
Thoughts of ways to terrorize.
But eating me was not in his plans,
Looked ready to go out on the razz!
As if he needed to meet a tigress,
Unlikely but I wished him much success.
A tigers got to do his thing too
And this one wasnt born in a zoo.
I can tell by his crazy wild look.
Not like the one in the junglebook.
But with a newly found freedom.
That can’t be any sweeter.
World must look so different,
Without metal bars that seem infinite.
Now boundless no obstacles to confine,
I’m a wild animal, now watch me shine.


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