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Death of real pubs

Where are the proper pubs?
Local boozers with locals.
Where all the geezers?
That used to go to the pub.
Reebok classics on the feet,
tops with three stripes.
You know if you know!

Kinda miss that
That tiny little line,
Used to be called the edge.
Where things might kick off.
“Haha haha you’re alright mate.”
Maybe their approval meant alot
Maybe that was just Birmingham

Now I sit in pubs with higher classes
And girls with no arses
There’s a knobhead sitting
By the fruit machine,
With his silly red cider
Oh cidre not cider
Must be made with French apples.
Ed Sheeran t shirt
But he’s not a ginger
His girl is a minger
But it’s him looking at me.

“You looking at me?”
“Yes I’m looking at you.”
Firing some spears
And watching them land
“Only winding you up mate,
Have a good one.”


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