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Eye of the tory

Disdainful looks
At potential immigrants
Or anyone different

Piercing blue uncompassion
Don’t ask them
For directions!

They think you are
Diluting their
Dusty old money

Fat aristocratic prats
Never laboured
In their lives

Ignore the blue ties
You’ll spot them
From their eyes

(Cartoon by Dave Brown. Exhibited at The Political Cartoon Gallery, Putney in 2017. All copyrights are his, cheers Dave! )


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A voided moment

This nothingness is boring
nothing ever happens.
What to do next?
Who shall I text?

I do nothing but slide fingers
across touch screens,
Can’t remember when
I was last touched

Motivation has left
the smile went too.
Maybe they booked
a cheap holiday,
To escape my way.

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Blue Moon

I can sense a blue moon in the sky tonight,
Got a feeling that this moment is rare.
Not sure but I think I might be right,
And looking down on me is the blue glare
Of the crisp blue disc high up above,
Drawing me in as I stand and stare.
Like a new blue carpet or a coloured glove.
How did I know the moon wasn’t white?
How did I know it was round and full?

Maybe I added the blue to the moon,
I wished it, thought it and now its there,
I feel happy and hopeful, opposite of blue.
A strange paradox of an unlikely pair,
Me and that planet linked in a weird way.
Tomorrow I might be blue, roles reversed.
And stay that way til this moment is back again.

Tonight I wish for an eternal blue moon,
Just in case it controls the mood of my heart.
But then there is probably another reason
Why the moon is blue.
Controlled by someone more powerful
Than me or you.


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