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Poles apart but it’s cool

I met a city female from
A different frequency
Do not even know
what number it was..
Hoping for a blockbuster
But got He-man 3

She was full of angst
I was not
She kept checking phones
Mine was off,
She looked very average
But in photos she’s hot.

Only so much juice
I want to get her
Sober little pout
When I am on the
Jamaican Dragon Stout.

And then she was surprised
When I left to see the lads,
To have some ‘fun’.
Something she couldn’t give,
So I linked the mandem
for a good ol’ Belgian bun!


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A voided moment

This nothingness is boring
nothing ever happens.
What to do next?
Who shall I text?

I do nothing but slide fingers
across touch screens,
Can’t remember when
I was last touched

Motivation has left
the smile went too.
Maybe they booked
a cheap holiday,
To escape my way.

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Dating Game

Sitting at a table opposite,
Watching a stranger eat,
“Weathers getting cold isnt it?”
As interesting as concrete,
No jokes or any kind of wit,
She should be obsolete,
Can she make a man commit?
But bet she wouldn’t cheat,
Not that I would either.
Times dragging its feet,
And im as bored as shit,
I need an ejector seat,
To send me into orbit,
Ready to admit defeat,
But I just shut up and sit,
She is cute and quite petite,
But not attracted not one bit,
Stop thinking, get a whiskey neat,
One that I’ve never hit,
Not the worst girl to meet,
So be a gentleman not a tit,
Shes not a random from the street,
Now smile and show some grit,
Looked forward to this like a treat,
But for me, she is not befit,
Forget dessert, time to retreat,
Now make like a banana and split.

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