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No words for It

Thought about It,
Should be words,
To describe
What I need to.

There are no words,
Maybe I don’t know
Enough of them,
To explain.

Tonight I saw things,
Felt too.
No letters or numbers,
Are useful right now.

Feelings were abstract,
Words don’t fit
Into that shaped box

I know words,
I know feelings
But today
they are divorced.

My feelings are
Hidden and unseen
Maybe you know?
Can you see It?


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A voided moment

This nothingness is boring
nothing ever happens.
What to do next?
Who shall I text?

I do nothing but slide fingers
across touch screens,
Can’t remember when
I was last touched

Motivation has left
the smile went too.
Maybe they booked
a cheap holiday,
To escape my way.

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