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A voided moment

This nothingness is boring
nothing ever happens.
What to do next?
Who shall I text?

I do nothing but slide fingers
across touch screens,
Can’t remember when
I was last touched

Motivation has left
the smile went too.
Maybe they booked
a cheap holiday,
To escape my way.


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The Way Of The Poet

Inside a dark well is where I dwell,
I eat up the world and out comes words.
Words from the depths of all my despair,
coming up from inside my cold  hole.
No one, no place, no drug can fix me,
Destined to continue on without salvation,
towards the goal of making it to old.

With no care for any aftermath,
or consequence, I say what I feel.
And today this darkness is so very real.
Inside crowds of people, I’ll stand alone,
In a lover’s arms I still feel cold.

Seasons are changing, running away but
No daylight comes here, that won’t change,
I still be here when you’ve forgotten my ways.

No emancipation from the way of this poet.


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