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Where’s India Gate?

A sunny central London walk
Veers down a history lane,
No it’s a war-torn path of wrath.
Inked by human blood and pain
Are long lists of heroic names.
Soldiers made of stronger stuff
Who we cannot ever thank enough.
War memorials slow my pace
And tourists of every race.

Australia gate looks very nice,
Canada, New Zealand got one too,
But no India Gate in sight
Of a solid state or a statue,
Common wealth once we shared
Now wiped out no doubt.
Like the futures of these men
No one listed here was spared.

Search result show 84 India Gates
UK Restaurants of the same name.
Winston C would not have like that!
Asian foods these guys never viewed.
A gate that leads to spicy eats
Is better than gates that cannot feed.



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Don’t like hummus

Horrible shitty hummus,
What’s the point!
Texture like crap
That it ends up being.
I’m over baby food,
I grew up.
Need more now!
Every fancy dinner party
I won’t be polite
No more.
Fuck hummus!
Pointless mush
If you think it’s a dip
You’re a dipstick
So jump in it
Til it comes out of you,
Every orifice.

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Feed dreams, starve nightmares

Like two kids fighting for attention,
They both want my energy and focus
Both starved, fighting for growth.

My thoughts feed into their digestion
So the nightmares won’t die.
Should not have reflected on it.

The nightmare won’t get nothing
But suffocation,
It cannot live within me.

I will feed the dream
That ending was happy,
I choose that ending..

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Test yourself

If you want to feel,
Something deep inside.
If you want to test
How tolerant you are.
If you want to see
How other people live life.
If you want to sample
Regret in a minimal form.
If you want measure willpower,
Then eat a hot spicy curry
Without a sip of water!

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