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Climbing out of valleys/ The only way is up, baby

We escaped the city freaks
Now surrounded by misty peaks
Suddenly feel so small
Would it hurt if I did fall?
I need clean air to save me.
“The only way is up, baby!”
Said a philosopher called Yazz.
This land got serious pizazz!
But I cannot read it’s signs
Their language is not mine
Compass needle spins around
Causing friend to frown,
As we search for
words with vowels.
The cigars are for the top
That hope will never stop.
But fuck the dark city alleys
I’m happy climbing out of valleys


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Feed dreams, starve nightmares

Like two kids fighting for attention,
They both want my energy and focus
Both starved, fighting for growth.

My thoughts feed into their digestion
So the nightmares won’t die.
Should not have reflected on it.

The nightmare won’t get nothing
But suffocation,
It cannot live within me.

I will feed the dream
That ending was happy,
I choose that ending..

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