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Death of real pubs

Where are the proper pubs?
Local boozers with locals.
Where all the geezers?
That used to go to the pub.
Reebok classics on the feet,
tops with three stripes.
You know if you know!

Kinda miss that
That tiny little line,
Used to be called the edge.
Where things might kick off.
“Haha haha you’re alright mate.”
Maybe their approval meant alot
Maybe that was just Birmingham

Now I sit in pubs with higher classes
And girls with no arses
There’s a knobhead sitting
By the fruit machine,
With his silly red cider
Oh cidre not cider
Must be made with French apples.
Ed Sheeran t shirt
But he’s not a ginger
His girl is a minger
But it’s him looking at me.

“You looking at me?”
“Yes I’m looking at you.”
Firing some spears
And watching them land
“Only winding you up mate,
Have a good one.”


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Like a pauper

Fight like a pauper
But be gracious as a King,
When you win.
Spend like a pauper
But give to others like a King.
Serve others like a pauper
They are Kings and Queens too.
Do family fun like the Dutch,
In a Jan Steen painting.
Work hard like a pauper
Harder than any King
Make love like a pauper
And treat her like your Queen

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Today’s Caravaggista

I know you!
I see your style dark fellow,
Stuck in one mode;
Screw-faced badman.

You don’t need torches and candles
To shed light on human plight.
You are a human in a sorry plight!
Starting fights over food,
Killed a man over tennis?!
Maybe you fucked his wife too.
A reality so unbelievable,
Knights of the realm after you too?
This depends how closely you
follow the path of the master.

Moments of horror;
Here’s the head of St John!
No boring portraits here
Whole stories in a snapshot.
In the midst of an action
I wonder what has happened..
Or is something about to?
To some unlucky painted face.
More questions than answers.
You try figuring out,
The thought pattern of a genius.

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Pierre didn’t care

Like Pierre,
The little French boy,
Sometimes, I don’t care.

I don’t care for humous,
Popcorn, peas and blue cheese,
To name a few needless nouns.

I don’t care about new fads,
Still stuck in old ones,
Blind to them all.

I am aware that to care
For everything
Is not possible.

If you holding a baby,
Then you sure as hell
Better take some care!

Unlike little French Pierre,
In the cautionary tale.
I was not eaten by a lion!
Relax, it’s ok, he survived!

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What’s real?

The line between what is real
and what is not,
Has just disappeared.
On day one of a new life,
I must learn all again.
What are my skills?
Who do I love?
Who loved me before?
When I was a prick.
Am I really humorous?
Is my mind a myth?

The tests have begun,
I’m still good at golf.
The drives hit the back fence.
I can still join words together
But to what purpose?

More questions than answers.
An inquisitive kid,
On the first day of school.
Test me again,
I still think I’ll excel.

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​One something

Focus is a forgotten concept,
Just can’t think about nothing.
One something is imprinted,
Inside me, in a permanent ink,
A tattoo on my brain,
Like an abstract Picasso,
With lots of red and blue.

Nature’s living art in my mind,
A songbird in spring that
Just won’t stop it’s song.
Chirpy little sod.

Meditation is for tomorrow,
Today I close my eyes,
The one something still there.
Emptying this mind,
Is just not going to happen.

Why meditate?
The one something is more exciting,
Thoughts are growing,
Visions get clearer.
Going with the flow,
Let’s see where the stream leads to.

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Have a look inside

​Have a look inside,
I’ve got nothing to hide.
There are many layers, 
study it carefully.

Don’t be afraid of the scars,
they helped me get here today.
I got hurt on a journey,
by more than a partner.
The journey’s not ended,
I’ve still not arrived yet.

Many wanted to see inside,
but their combination was wrong.
Priceless art concealed within.
Colours so vivid and vast,
yet nameless and unseen, 
to this world.

Look but do not touch,
there is sugar and light,
mixed with the poisons and dark.
Don’t dwell on the joy,
don’t dwell on the pain.
I’ve knived and been knived.
It is just time I survived.

Crazy huh?
Don’t say anything,
I don’t want your words,
Just show me yours..

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