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Feed dreams, starve nightmares

Like two kids fighting for attention,
They both want my energy and focus
Both starved, fighting for growth.

My thoughts feed into their digestion
So the nightmares won’t die.
Should not have reflected on it.

The nightmare won’t get nothing
But suffocation,
It cannot live within me.

I will feed the dream
That ending was happy,
I choose that ending..


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Have a look inside

​Have a look inside,
I’ve got nothing to hide.
There are many layers, 
study it carefully.

Don’t be afraid of the scars,
they helped me get here today.
I got hurt on a journey,
by more than a partner.
The journey’s not ended,
I’ve still not arrived yet.

Many wanted to see inside,
but their combination was wrong.
Priceless art concealed within.
Colours so vivid and vast,
yet nameless and unseen, 
to this world.

Look but do not touch,
there is sugar and light,
mixed with the poisons and dark.
Don’t dwell on the joy,
don’t dwell on the pain.
I’ve knived and been knived.
It is just time I survived.

Crazy huh?
Don’t say anything,
I don’t want your words,
Just show me yours..

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Everything is going to be fine

I know I’m right this time,
Been wrong many times.
Pressure is for gas in a bottle,
These days I’m solid as a metal,
No more changing states in a hurry.

Weightless as I walk somewhere,
Careless even though I really do care.
The plan is really coming together.
Know I’m ready for whatever,
Feeling light as a feather
With a force that’s heavyweight.
It is time to accelerate.
Even though I am never late.

Time is waiting for my shine,
That adds the value to the time.
Making the most of every second,
I got plans for all my next ones.
Think it’s time you recognised,
This man’s always been so wise.
Owls aint got nothing on me,
And my voice carries more power.

Facial expression may look sour,
It’s my happiness in disguise,
Camo mode for my outside streets.
Don’t try to read my moves,
That’s a top tip for you.
Just watch what I do.

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Only a fool claims he knows what tomorrow will bring.
Lost in their hype, they forget today went so well!
The ego ate the humility and what’s left is worth less.

Speculators make odds and assign values for chance,
Never thinking that tomorrow may even be their last.
Most people grow old but many do not.
It’s not the age of a life that determines it’s worth.
Not what you got planned for next month, week or a day.
The value is added from what you did with your time today,
The time that is ticking, is not unlimited.

Yesterday is gone, what did you do with it?


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