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Cape Hill Brewery

Did not know what a brewery was
Back when I was a small boy
All I knew was a strange sweet smell
Overwhelming my childish nose
They even brewed on Christmas day,
It pumped out nectar that now I enjoy
All because Mr Butler met Mr Mitchell.

The Aroma was hops now I know,
Used to pass it’s gates while on the bus
Did wonder how the liquid caused such joy,
Now the smell is just a story to tell
The brewery closed unemployment rose,
Sadly it no longer is, only once was.


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Rivers of Home

I sit on the bank of a famous river
Staring intensely with erudite eyes,
Childish pupils pierce it like oars.
Then eyelids forcefully slam shut
As the sun reflects off this water.

I think of the rivers of my home,
Why can’t I remember their names?
My city is big and the land is green,
I must have sat and played
on the banks of them
What were they called?!

Were they one of the panj (5)
In the Panjab?
I know some names
But I cannot see a river.
The Beas gives me no buzz,
The Satluj give no memory to judge
The Ravi, he’s a guy I know
Who is nearly wide as a one!
Did I pick scabs near The Chenab?
The Jhelum doesn’t sound,
Like somewhere I’m from.

Or maybe it was The Cole?
Nope, I only see Andy or Nat King
The Tame does not reignite
Any thoughts into flames.
The Rea surely
wasn’t any place near!

I see no rivers with closed eyes
Or any wide boats,
Only narrow ones float!
In my river-less city of home.

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The Midlander

I know who my people are
they behave like me
they sound like me,
but not all look like me.
In my middle England.

I like it’s rain, I miss it,
though some may think
I like the sun
Without knowing
That’s my names even Sunny.

I walk faster now
with no destination in mind.
Because I am a lost Midlander
in a capital city
out of the Midlands.

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