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Bull taming time

Tamed it already,
Took a few months
But I’ve calmed
a vicious beast.
It was going to destroy itself
I told him ‘that’s silly!’

The creature just had enough,
It was of no use to anyone,
It said!
Nonsense ofcourse!
This creature was beautiful,
Powerful beyond necessity.

I presented no threat,
I’m no matador, the bull
Just wanted a chat.
Knew he had a short fuse
But he knew I was there to help.

There was a sadness
Seeing such a majestic beast
Out of sorts.
Guess life can mess us all up.
It’s sorted now,
Out of anger came a friendship.
Still chat to the bull
Now and then.


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Walking in Valleys

I don’t climb mountains,
I walk through the depths.
Mt Snowden with school,
Does not count.
That was forced!

Seemingly more familiar
With the natural troughs.
Lower levels of ground,
This is my truth, probably.

I walk fast,
Speeding past
The lowest low.

Until I reach,
Sea level.

Eternally cyclical.

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Disillusions of light

Each day
The sun rises,
Now the morning is beautiful.

Later on
Stars may shine,
The night seems so enchanting!

A dirty boy is bathed,
His mother is happy
With a crystal clean outcome.

Light at the end of the tunnel?
Nope, just more trains
In this darkness.

Light hits something.
Probably causing some beauty,
Because people are positive.

Seems as though,
Impermanence of light
Means beauty will not last.

Prepare for the darkness,
And remember the light.
What brightness will tomorrow bring?

If any.

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The Secret Garden

I’ve got a key.
To a secret garden,
Full of colourful delights,
Peaceful, for hearing voices
Of delicate tones.
Away from other people.

Really not easy to get in,
So don’t judge me,
If the door doesn’t open first time.

Trust me and come inside?
You must see the flowers and games,
Smell the roses and play together,
All to your heart’s content.

A door swings open,
Let’s go in…

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‚ÄčEgotistical Eagle

I am a hungry eagle,
Let me bite you.
My bites are small,
if you want them to be..

No meals served on my flight,
For food, everyday I must work,
Sometimes I kill for fun.
To sharpen my excellent skills
Ready for a bigger beast,
Who will be my prey.
One day.

I am an eagle
And I’m better than you.
I’m smarter than you,
I see further ahead too.
I can see your next obstacle,
I know you can’t.

No one hunts me
They try with guns,
But I am still too fast.
Feel my wings,
That’s all muscle baby.

You want to call it an ego?
Call it what the fuck you want.
I don’t care because,
I am still the eagle ūüôā

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Reality Stabs

We all know “Love don’t pay the rent”,
But I’ve been living on a cloud
Where we paid no rent.
All we gave we was our energy,
Poured into a cloud,
Just me and a woman spending our new-found wealth.

Last night in my sleep, I was brutally attacked.
It felt like a very sharp ice pick,
I can’t be sure because I was not awake,
But it came from my head and struck my heart,
A reality so real, even in sleep.

The blood and something else came out of me,
Not the love because I know, that will never go,
An energy like that can’t be destroyed,
It can only transform into another form.

In my awaken reality, I walk on wounded,
thinking of that cloud and the golden sky.
My everything now hurts and there is no cure,
These words are etched with hurt,
I have no other ink.
Endless words flow out but I have just a small question…..why?

I’m sure of only this;
The reality didn’t bite because I felt it stab.


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Organic Love Tree

A seed that was planted long ago,
Has now grown and today still grows,
That seed became a Tree after much looking after.
It was watered with smiles
and endless laughter.
From the dirt it rose to strike a pose,
It’s invisible though so nobody knows.

The Tree moves to light and cannot grow in the dark,
In nature, there is, no other way.
It’s upward path has no set route,
An organic being that lives day to day.

I touch it sometimes and feel it’s warmth,
all without burning a branch.
A role-reversal where the Tree looks after me?

Times moved on and now the days grow short,
The light the Love Tree needs, comes no more.
The growth no longer occurs,
The tree stares at me whispering painful murmers.
It’s pain affects me, as this seed,
Now a tree, grew from me.

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