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Bad dream

Not had a bad dream in a while,
Maybe this is it.

It was crazy, think I cried.
A lot of poor people died
A tower fire in a modern city,
They can’t enjoy the sun today.

The leaders were lost and didn’t look sad.
Then people killed other people
Because they had a different skin,
Skin made different because of the sun.
Don’t hate people, hate The Sun!

People didn’t like other holy books,
So they attacked the believers.
They don’t have to read them!
If only Roald Dahl could have wrote them all,
He would’ve been a good leader,

In my dream I stood on a plug,
On the floor
And it really fuckin hurt,
I don’t feel physical pain in dreams,
So guess this isn’t a dream..

(Roald Dahl around 1939)


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